Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

The Seminars are held at 4.15 p.m. on Monday in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room (20.12) - opposite the Main Lecture Theatre

All Welcome - Prof. William Barford 

Week 1

24 April

Dr. Alex Chin (Cambridge)
"Tensor network methods for the simulation of open quantum systems: Application to singlet fission in pentacene dimers"

Week 2

1 May 

No seminar

Week 3

8 May 

Prof. Fred Manby (Bristol)
" Quantum mechanics of light-matter and system-bath interactions in photosynthesis"

Week 4

15 May

No seminar

Week 5

22 May 

Prof. Mark Tukerman (New York University) 
" Exploration and learning of free energy landscapes of molecular crystals and oligopeptides"

Week 6

29 May 

No seminar

Week 7

5 June 

No seminar 

Week 8

12 June 

No seminar