Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Soft Matter, Biomaterials and Interfaces Seminar Series

The following seminars will be held at 3.00 p.m. on Tuesdays in the PTCL Main Lecture Theatre. 
Convenors: Prof. R. Dullens & Prof. J.M Yeomans (Physics)

Week 1

16 January   

Dr. Chantal Valeriani - Complutense University of Madrid
"Self-assembly of active colloids"

Week 2 23 January No seminar

Week 3

30 January  

Prof. Paul van der Schoot - Eindhoven University of Technology
"The shape and structure of nematic liquid crystalline droplets"

Week 4 6 February Dr. Veronique Trappe - University of Fribourg, Switzerland
"Hallmarks of local intermittent relaxation events in the creep behaviour of a colloidal gel" 

Week 5

13 February 

Dr. Rhoda Hawkins - University of Sheffield 
"Active matter droplets and applications to single cell migration"

Week 6

20 February   

Dr. Arianna Bottinelli - Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stockholm
"The physics of high-density crowds"

Week 7 27 February  Prof. Jonathan Doye - University of Oxford 
"Computational DNA nanotechnology"

Week 8

6 March    

Dr. Sela Samin - University of Utrecht, Netherlands
"Tuning structure and transport in oil-water mixtures"