Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

All seminars are on Mondays, 2.00 pm in the PTCL Lecture Theatre, unless stated otherwise - Hilary Term, followed by coffee
All visitors welcome.

Convenors: Dr. Brianna Heazlewood and Prof. Mark Wilson  

Week 1 14 January No seminar
Week 2 21 January  Prof. Stephen Blundell (University of Oxford)
"Hunting down the muon:understanding the nature of an important local magnetic pole"
Week 3 28 January  No seminar
Week 4 4 February  Dr. Caroline Dessent  (University of York)
"Photodissociation Dynamics of (Bio) molecular Anions: Following the Excess Electron"
Week 5 11 February No seminar
Week 6 18 February  Prof. Andy Monkman (Durham University)
" How to achieve 100% efficient intersystem crossing and OLEDs without a single heavy atom in sight,
the simplicity (or not) of E-type delayed fluorescence"
Week 7 25 February  RSC Award Lecture Symposium (timings to be confirmed)
14:30 -15:15 Prof. Klaas Wynne (University of Glasgow) - RSC Chemical Dynamics Award
"Phase separation and nucleation: from frustration to control"
15:15 -15:45 Prof. Helen Fielding (UCL)
"Photoelectron spectroscopy in a liquid microjet"
15:45 -16:00    Tea / coffee
16:00 -16:45 Prof. Eric Bittner (Houston) 
"Non-linear spectroscopy with entangled photons"
16:45 -17:15 Prof. Sir David Clary (University of Oxford) - RSC Spiers Memorial Award
"Quantum Tunnelling in Chemical Reactions"
Week 8 4 March  No seminar