Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

All seminars are on Mondays, 2.00 pm in the PTCL Lecture Theatre, unless stated otherwise 
All visitors welcome.

Convenors: Prof. Stephan Rauschenbach and Prof. Peter Hore 

All seminars will by delivered via TEAMS
Week 1 26 April No seminar
Hinshelwood Lectures 2021 - Prof. Carol V. Robinson
All lectures will be live on Canvas starting at 11.15 am
Week 2 Tues.
4 May
I - 'Staying in shape-maintaining the folded state of proteins in the gas phase'                                                                                                       
Week 2 Thu.
6 May
II - 'Finding the right partner-deciphering the effects of small molecules/protein binding partners' 
Week 3 Tues.
11 May
III - 'Remembering where you came from-how context and surroundings affect the properties of proteins'
Week 3 Thu.
13 May
IV - 'Looking to the future-understanding mechanisms of infection and resistance'
Other Talks and Seminars - Trinity Term 2021
Week 3 Mon.
10 May
11:00 am
Prof. Ching Tang - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Title tba
Week 5 Mon.
24 May

Prof. Scott Kable - University of New South Wales, Sydney
'Photochemical reaction dynamics in the service of atmospheric chemistry'


Week 7 Mon.
7 June

 Prof. Brianna Heazlewood - University of Oxford and University of Liverpool
'New methods for studying ion-neutral reactions al low temperatures'