Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

 (All colloquia will be held in the Dyson Perrins Lecture Theatre, Thursday at 2 pm, unless otherwise stated. All visitors are welcome.

Convenors: Prof. Jeremy Robertson and Prof. Angela Russell 

Week 1

12 October      

Professor Emily Balskus (Harvard University) 
"Deciphering the human microbiota with chemistry" 
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Week 2

19 October  

Dr. Tobias Erb (Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg)   
"CETCH me if you can: bringing inorganic carbon into life with synthetic CO2-fixation and metabolic retrosynthesis"
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Week 3

26 October 

PFIZER SYMPOSIUM - 2:15 pm in ICL Lecture Theatre

Dr Celine Cano (Newcastle University)

"Development of DNA-PK inhibitors for Cancer Therapy"
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Dr David Blakemore (Pfizer, Groton)
Professor Nicholas Westwood (University of St. Andrews)
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Week 4 2 November Professor George O'Doherty (Northeastern University, Boston) 
"De novo asymmetric synthesis for carbohydrate and natural product medicinal chemistry"
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Week 5 9 November Dr Robert Young (GSK, Stevenage) 
"Impact and misuse of synthetic chemistry in contemporary drug discovery"

Week 6

16 November 

Professor Richard Taylor (University of York)
"From natural products to organic diversity: dearomatisation and spirocycle synthesis"
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Week 7

23 November   

Professor Sir Shankar Balasubramanian (University of Cambridge)
"Decoding features and functions of the genome"
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Week 8

30 November 

Professor Paul Fish (University College London)
"New chemical probes to explore novel approaches to treat Alzheimer’s disease and cancer"
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