Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

 All colloquia will be held in the Dyson Perrins Lecture Theatre, Thursday at 2 pm, unless otherwise stated. All visitors are welcome.

Convenors: Dr. James Thomson and Dr. Paul Roberts  

Week 1 17 January 

Professor James Naismith, Director Research Complex at Harwell ,
"Manipulation of peptidase, a lazy (and incompetent) chemist speaks"

Week 2 24 January

Professor Chris Willis, University of Bristol
"Combining organic synthesis and synthetic biology to create bioactive compounds"

Week 3 31 January 

Professor John Denu, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Biochemical mechanisms of protein acetylation in metabolism, ageing and epigenetics"

Week 4 7 February

Professor Olivier Baudoin, University of Basel
"Palladium(0)-catalyzed C(sp3)-H functionalization"

Week 5 14 February

Professor Igor Alabugin, Florida State University
"Finding the right path: Baldwin “Rules for Ring Closure” and stereoelectronic control of cyclizations"

Week 6 21 February

Syngenta PDRA Symposium

Week 7 28 February

Professor Jonathan Burton, University of Oxford
"Oxonium ions, rearrangements, and natural products"

Week 8 7 March

Dr Robert Phipps, University of Cambridge
"Harnessing non-covalent interactions to address selectivity challenges in catalysis"

Week 9 14 March

Professor Don Coltart, University of Houston
"From enantioselective carbonyl α-functionalization to the stereocontrolled synthesis of chiral N- and O-heterocycles"

Week 10 21 March

RSC Natural Product Chemistry Award Lecture (ICL Lecture Theatre)
Professor Bradley Moore, Scripps  
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