Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

All at 2.00 pm on Tuesday  (unless otherwise indicated below) in the Lecture Theatre of the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.
Convenors: Prof. Jose Goicoechea

Week 1

9 October 4:00pm

Dr. Robert Pal (University of Durham)
"Light-driven unidirectional molecular machines as targeted photodynamic therapy agents"

Week 2

17 October  

Dr. Kevin Lovelock (Reading University)
“X-ray spectroscopy of liquids: towards quantification of Lewis reactivity”

Week 3

24 October  

Professor Mauro Botta (Università del Piemonte Orientale)
"Optimizing the efficacy of metal-based MRI probes at high magnetic fields"

Week 4

31 October

Dr Anna Peacock (University of Birmingham)
“De novo design of lanthanide coiled coils – for applications in MRI and beyond”

Week 5

7 November 

Professor Patrick Woodward (Ohio)

Week 6

14 November 

Professor Stefanie Dehnen (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
"Multinary Clusters – From Exotic Structures to Illuminating Insights and Applicability"

Week 7

21 November 

Professor Sylvia Draper (Trinity College Dublin)
“N-doped Ligands – from triplet photosensitisers to nanographenes”

Week 8

28 November

Professor Clare Grey (Cambridge)
"Developing and applying new tools to understand how materials for Li and "beyond-Li" battery function"