Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

All at 2.00 pm on Tuesday  (unless otherwise indicated below) in the Lecture Theatre of the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.
Convenors: Prof. Andrew Goodwin & Prof. Andrew Weller 

Week 1 9 October

Prof Jason Davis - University of Oxford
"The Biotic-Abiotic Interface: from switches to diagnostics"

Week 2 15 October
Prof Nicola Spaldin FRS - ETH, Zurich
"Grand Challenges in Materials Chemistry: Cosmic Strings, the Higgs Boson, Dark Matter and Room-temperature Superconductivity"
Week 3 23 October Prof Andrew Harrison - Diamond
"New Opportunities for Science at Diamond"
Week 4 30 October Prof Claire Carmalt - University College London
"From Precursor Synthesis to TCOs, Photocatalysts, and Superhydrophobic Materials"
Week 5 6 November Prof Lee Cronin - Glasgow (RSC Award Lecture)
"Exploring and Discovering Computation and Chemistry with Chemical Reactions"
Week 6 13 November                           Dr Sian Dutton - Cambridge
"Lanthanide Oxides for Low Temperature Magnetocalorics"
Week 7 20 November Prof Fred Fontaine - Laval
"Ligand design in organometallic chemistry taken to the extreme: when the metal is no longer needed"
Week 8 27 November  Prof Peter Scott - Warwick
"Polyolefin-polar block copolymers - from mechanism to commercial application"