Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

All seminars are on Wednesdays, 6.00 pm in the Wolfson Seminar Room , CRL unless otherwise stated.
Convenor: Hagan Bayley  - All welcome


Week 0

1 October
5:00 pm

Prof. Jeff Brinker - University of New Mexico
"Self -and Directed- Assembly of Hybrid, Hierarchical, Functional Materials and Synthetic Cells" 

Week 1

10 October

No seminar 

Week 2 17 October

No seminar

Week 3

24 October   

No seminar

Week 4

30 & 31 October   


Week 5

7  November  

No seminar

Week 6

15 November
2:00 pm (PTCL)

PTCL Lecture Theatre
Prof. David Walt
- Wyss Institute, Harvard University
"Using microwell array technology to probe chemistry and biology at their fundamental limits"
Week 7

21 November


Week 8

28 November

No seminar

Week 9 5 December
No seminar
Week 10 12 December

6:00 pm
Dr. Ravinash Krishna Kumar - University of Oxford
"Bacterial warfare in structured battlefields"

6:30 pm
Prof. Peter R. Cook - The Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
"Microfluids for the masses on a standard Petri dish"